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About Us

DIGITAL CONCEPTS INDIA was formed on 9th October 2003.

The Motto of DIGITAL CONCEPTS INDIA is Business Promotion through Internet & Intellect™. The company is based in Kalyan, Thane, Near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The company offers various Digital Products and Services. This includes Web-Design to create result oriented functional Websites that brings Business to the Website Owners, Creating proper Website programming to achieve Automation & Desired results.

For the people who are looking for supportive & affordable Web Hosting, we offer both Linux and Windows based Web Hosting. We also offer Consultancy regarding Website design to Website Promotion Management.

We also offer Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, and Article Writing Services.

Our expertise includes Designing fully functional & automatic Websites that gives results using combination of Technologies like HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, with PHP & JAVA Scripting, backed up by MySQL databases.

DIGITAL CONCEPTS INDIA was promoted by Dhananjay Pathak. He is assisted by the following dedicated team :

1) Mrs. Sucheta Dhananjay Pathak : Manager - Server Managements

2) Ms. Josphine Mary : Accounts & Client Co-ordination

3) Mr. Prashant Nikam : Website Designer & Programmer

4) Ms. Hemangi Gambhirrao : Team Leader & Client Co-ordination

5) Mr. Harshal Gambhirrao : Website Designer

6) Ms. Nivedita Joshi : Programmer

We believe that it is the concept that lies beneath every great creation. Hence we use the advanced computing technology to make the life of the person a lot easier, which sometimes surprises the common man. He says, Oh ! Was this possible ? We answer "YES".

It is our constant endeavor to come up with new concepts to serve you. Please keep checking this Site, as it will definitely make a difference in your life. This is all about us.