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Search Engine Optimization

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What is Search Engine Optimization [SEO]? Why it is necessary?
Which are the benefits to expect? [WIIFM, Bullet lists]
How to perform Search Engine Optimization and submission? [Steps]

Why submit pages to Search Engine?
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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Research shows that nearly 80% of the traffic to your website comes through Search Engine. This fact itself Emphasis the great need to make your site optimized for Search Engine.

In short you have to make your site such that Search Engine can understand it properly, index it in a way we want it to be. And then when visitor searches for the Keywords / Key phrases, the same Search Engine will display your site’s URL in their finding. This makes sure you get quality traffic at less or virtually no cost.

This means Search Engine Optimization means more visitors, more enquiries and more business for you.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission is a combination of arts & science. There are many steps to be accomplished, which can be summarized like; deciding the purpose of site, then prepare clutter free page with lot of text and proper design. Deciding the keyword density, proper copywriting and then submitting the site diligently to various Search Engine.

Why Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary?
As you can see if the site is not optimized for Search Engines, you won’t get visitors, which will defeat the main purpose of site regardless of how beautiful or informative site may be.

Your all expenditure, time required hopes and possible business is all gone. Now you can decide yourself whether it is necessary to get your site optimized?


Ok | If you are interested I can show you.

a] More visitors to your site More traffic means more business, more profits.
b] Assist your customers to find your products or services easily without much effort. [Means more traffic, more business, more profits.]
c] Better returns from Target audience. [More returns on Investments]
d] Edge over your competition [More business than competition]
e] Increase sales, profits [You know the benefits]
f] Makes your site easier to find without expensive online advertising [Save money]
g] Use the service of Search Engines to promote your products / services almost free of cost.

How does Search Engine Optimization to cut long story short here are 8 steps for Search Engine Optimization.
  1. Understand purpose of site and make logical site layout.
  2. To decide judiciously page file names, directory structure and content of web pages.
  3. To use Search Engine friendly copywriting with lot of text, keyword / phrases integration and saturation.
  4. To provide sitemap in logical manner with lot of text links & create robots.txt file
  5. To ensure that all pages are complete with Meta tags, alts tags and are W3C html compliant.
  6. To test site with various usability tests
  7. Submit to major Search Engine directories, special interest directories etc.
  8. To check the log of visits by Search Engine Robots.
  9. Keep refining from Step No. 1
Why submit webpages to Search Engines?  [Benefits of submitting webpages to Search Engines]

Simple, if Search Engines do not know where your site is probably nobody will know it. As you know everyday many thousands of sites are added the only way we can find out is through Search Engines only.

Hence it is utmost important to submit optimized site to Search Engines.

There is no guarantee that your site may appear at the top, but submission does help. Sure there is a lot of hard work and strategy, but the rewards are good.

After reading this much if you feel daunting, then its okay. We can help you, here if you feel you can’t do it.

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We are Search Engine Optimization experts in Kalyan, Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai [India] who can assist you in almost every step. This service is also known as seo, seo-services, Search Engine Marketing Services.

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