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Web Hosting

1) What is managed shared hosting
2) Why managed shared hosting
3) Hosting plans
4) What do we do?
5) What extra do you get?
6) Other special services
7) Benefits for you

No, I am a novice & just don’t want to be bothered by technology but I want to reap benefits of website [Tell me more]
I want to have website without steep learning course

Managed shared hosting is completely managing your web server requirement in shared atmosphere. Although a big business can possibly hire a managed hosting, for entire server, a small business can’t afford it. As small business have limited resources, small hosting needs, and limited technical knowledge, hence they prefer managed shared hosting.

Managed shared hosting does have numerous advantages. A small piece of hosting as little as 25 mb can be purchased. All dirty & technical job is handled by hosting company. You get ______________


The major benefits of shared managed web hosting: -
a) It is very cost effective and affordable solution. No start up investments.
b) You are completely free from dirty details of professional server management. You do not need professional webmaster to run sites. It is managed by hosting company.
c) You have access to powerful and fast webserver which runs 24 hours a day and always connected.
d) More than one domain can be hosted and unlimited personalized emails to give image to business.
e) You can run complex scripts
f) A good support is always available if you need help.
g) Normally you get personalized service with small hosting company which may not be the case with very big hosting company if you have small hosting account.

Hosting plans for managed shared Hosting [On Linux]
<!….. Put here rates from 10, 25mb to 1 GB with details>

What do we do the give you peace of mind while you get hosting services from us?

1) Domain booking and selling name servers [If you don’t have domain registered]
2) Selling up of server space, and ftp accounts and users with Quota.
3) Creating e-mail accounts and selling up of Autoresponders. Selling up antispam filter
4) Creating robots.txt file
5) Selling up of special interactive scripts / softwares [extra cost]
6) Selling front-page extensions [if you want]
7) Selling up support system for you [Not for your computer]
8) Selling up and access rights for customers only animated demos on various topics, knowledge bases and troubleshooting.
9) Set up of special membership rights to you to access members only area, with lot of free goodies, useful articles and much more.

What Extra Do You Get?
1) Personalized service with great support.
2) Animated Demos to give you headstart without learning and searching Internet.
3) Knowledgebase and troubleshooting
4) Advice for improving efficiency
5) Help to set up interactive script or Software [Extra cost]
6) Installation services for scripts and softwares
7) Access to special members only site for resources.