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What is Website Automation & why it should be done?

What are the benefits of Website Automation ?

How to Automate the regular tasks?

Which are the Various Scripts available?

Do you want to achieve Automation for your Website?

Website Automation is just making as many jobs of your Website Automated, using various intelligent programs without human interference.

Website Automation works as automatic Digital Salesman Back-Office Support Executive, 24 hours Online Money Collector, Exact File Downloader.

In this Article I am going to share with you the Secrets of making Money with handsfree approach that is nothing but Automating your Website. Would be you interested if I will give you closely guarded Secrets by which you can sleep and at the same time keep on making money.

As you might be knowing that every business nearly follows this cycle – Prospecting, Advertising, Client communication & Presentation, giving quote, accepting orders, collecting payment, sending bills and thanks letter, send digital delivery or arrangement of Delivery, Delivery tracking, Following up customers, customer Support and Interaction => New Prospecting

Before going ahead let me share with you the Benefits of automation: -
1) Cater to many customers at a time.
2) Communicate and Interact with all your customers within no time.
3) Reduce repetitive tasks.
4) Take business to new level of Customer appreciation and satisfaction.
5) Make more money, comfort, free from work still getting paid, Improve image of your company, overwhelm and satisfy your customer.
6) No need to keep dedicated support staff all the 24 hours a days, thus saving a lot of cost.
7) No need to keep Toll – Free phones, attended by service personnel.
8) Use of online tutorials and simulations greatly reduce customer service requests as customers can see and do it themselves

If you are satisfied with the Benefits then your ultimate question will be

How do I automate my website & which program should I use?
Although there are many systems available for automation, I would strongly recommend using secure Linux web server with less load and fast response time coupled with php & my sql scripts & software’s since it is at present very cost effective, result oriented, really affordable with minimum or headaches.
Ok now I tell you how to automate your business step-by-step.

  1. First get a good & related domain name and linux server which has capabilities to run perl / cgi, php scripts [which most of them have] and mysql database.
  2. Get an antivirus license to protect your server from virus attacks and buy SSL [secure socket layer] certificate either from web host or from other sources
  3. Now we will divide the business activities and then assign them various scripts / programs
    • a] Advertising and click tracking these scripts will automatically track the clicks on our banner advertisements or other advertisements and will show us which advertise is working, what is return on investments. Here we can decide which ads to continue & which to discontinue. This results in great savings as we don’t waste our advertising MONEY [Save Money, Save Time & Save Un-necessary activity].
    • b] Once you start advertising, visitors will start coming to your site. Here you need to hold them on your site by giving quality content, free and quality information. You can use Autoresponders to get names & e-mail Ids from visitors and follow up later. Always make sure to get permission from the visitors to send mails which is call double opt-in mailing.
      Use=> Autoresponders, e-books, Pop-up boxes, Mailing lists, Speaking characters, Animated Tutorials, FAQ generators, knowledge bases with search functions, search, automated quote generator Guided Tours.
    • c] Accepting Orders Invoicing Collecting payment sending thank you letter, allowing secure downloads, Memberships creation.
         1. Invoicing softwares
         2. Intelligent order forms with robo – prevention.
         3. Payment processors – Recommend Paypal, Click Bank or Others.
         4. Download Protectors, Counters & Delivery tracking.
    • d] Support: - Forums, knowledge bases, online animated tutorials. Do it yourself actively simulations, [Hand holding guidance’s] Guided Tours