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How your business can be promoted using Power of Internet & Intellect
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What is Internet Marketing?
Simply put it the marketing done by using various segments of Internet. Generally word Internet is confused only with World Wide Web but as savvy Internet Marketers we need not be confined only to limited choices.

As I have mentioned there are various segments of Internet, which are e-mail, search engines, chat, forums, newsletters, articles, free-bees, search engines, trade portals, online advertising, e-press characters, cross linking etc which can be effectively used for marketing.

"Click on following points to get How to use various segments to market your products / services?"
1: First of all I will tell you about use of E-mail. Again e-mail marketing can be sub-divided into following: -

a] Creating an Autoresponder for every important e-mail account like info@yourcompany.com, sales@yourcompany.com. This means when you receive any mail on any of above account, a predetermined text based message is automatically, send to sender. This can be used to tell them about your companies products / services and important contact details. And above all this incredible tool is absolutely FREE.
a-1] Creating a signature file which will contain import.

b] Use of sequential Autoresponder e-mails, with opt-in and opt-out facility. This is a nifty program very useful, hands-free and totally automated.

I will tell you how does it work visitors who may be interested in only of your products / services may just fill up the form on one of your webpage. Once the form is submitted, the visitor gets instantaneous information in his e-mail inbox in following way.

E-mail1 “Thank & Some information” Day 0
E-mail2 “Some more information” Day 1
E-mail3 “Additional information” Day 5 and so on.

Do you understand this method in which visitors will help getting information they want via intelligently written e-mails at specified intervals with their names embedded in it.

imagine getting personalized emails with the information requested by us at regular intervals.

You can control, frequency of emails, content, the way you want. I fee this is one of the best way of automated marketing.
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c] E-mail marketing; - Every business has target customers we can send our information to thousands of persons via e-mail who have shown their consent to receive such emails on particular topic. This is called as targeted email marketing. If planned carefully this method works wonders.

d] Automatically sending catalogs and general Quotations to visitors: - Many a times visitors are interested in getting catalogs and general quotation only.

We can program it in such a way that we will get all customer data [like Full Name, Address, e-mail & tel. No.] and e-catalog and general quotations will be sent automatically without lifting a finger. This save lot of postage, courier charges, Man hours to send emails & telephones.
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2: Search Engines: -

Generate targeted and free traffic to boost your sales, improve bottom lines. If your site is optimized for search engines, and submitted property to them then Search Engines can send lot of [upto 80%] visitors who are looking for your products and services.

This is a major step which requires lot of effort but the rewords are handsome. Since this topic is very big I had written a special page on it. You can get more information b clicking on “Search Engines optimization”.

3: Using chat for promotion: -

Using chat for promotion & support chat can be used effectively for making sales or to support existing customers. Due to the instantaneous answers to the urgent queries visitors are really very relieved, satisfied and happy. This elevates visitor’s mood to do business with you.

We can set up chat rooms so that one operator can privately chat with lot of visitors simultaneously.

[For scripts & programs on chat visit our special section]

4: Forums: -

[How to use forums to market your services]. Forums are basically hubs or meeting point of people having common Internet.
Members exchange their views on different topics pertaining to common Interests.

Every business will have certain forum associated with it. Start participating in select forums. Don’t advertise in post rather try to give solution. Slowly & Smoothly very targeted traffic will be generated which will be of good quality. Use of signature file greatly enhances the forum profits.

[For more details scripts / programs or to install forum or discussion web click here]

5: Article Marketing: -

This is one of the sophisticated ways of promoting business over a net. As you are aware that nobody likes sales pitches and stories, however everybody loves solution for his problem and that too in informative way. Keeping this in mind, articles should be prepared to give solutions for the problem by subtly using products or services similar to our company. The articles, which are informative and useful for the readers should be distributed online.

This brings lot of targeted traffic, leads and possibility of new business from the completely unknown domain.

6: Creating News Letters: -

This is the best way to keep our existing customers & prospects informed about latest upcoming projects / products etc.
Also joining e-mail list keep supplying & contributing quality materials will tremendously help.

7: Distributing Free Bees: -

Free is probably maximum searched word on Internet charges, Internet surfers assumed that all information & other downloadable useful things should be free? We can use this fact to our advantages for marketing our website. We can use free tools such as e-books, e-reports etc.

It is almost essential to provide a quality content, with maximum information of particular product / services, good advice and help for the customers.

People perceive you as an expert in this field, and are eager to do business with this pre-sales client education.

You can judiciously & subtly mention your website URL, a brief information about you and various links to Internet Sites.

[Educate customers & Pre-sell your products / service]

The topics could be “How to choose particular product / service” 10 Tips for better _______________, or Never buy __________ service, before you read this free e-book, etc.

8: Issue of e-press Release: -

No mater how much we try to give information, editors from e-world can propagate word about you, atleast thousand times more.

So use this service wisely and send your Press Releases to thousands of very targeted News – Channels [related to that product / service]. If your press release is properly prepared then there is a chance of Massive publicity is no time. [We can help you in preparing Press release and send it across various e-news channels, please click here for a no – obligatory free quote].

9: Use of Online advertising: -

Online advertising includes banner advertising. Bidding for keyword, Newsletter slots, trade portals and much more.

We can use appropriate website which is visited by your target customers. This will immediately bring lot of targeted customers who are looking for your products and services. Although costly, this method works out to be better if you want immediate results and ready to spend some money on it.

[Contact us if you need help from us]

10: Online Trade Portals: -

There are many business-to-business Online trade portals where you can conduct online business. You can buy or sell by posting / putting your product profile. If done perfectly you will start receiving lot of enquiries, which you can follow up. This is useful if you are doing international business. Once you are confident that you are getting quality enquiries from a particular portal you can then Purchase its yearly membership, which will give still more benefits.

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11: Use of instant chat for Sales & Support: -

Most of the times sales can be closed or instant support can be given using power of instant chat. This is amazing technology where in your operator can deal one – on – one for every interested visitor, ready for purchase.

It can also save lot of your resources such as phone calls, faxes etc with the reputation of instantaneous answers.

Increase sales, reduce cost and give excellent support using chat technology. If you want to incorporate this chat element in your website please contact us.

[Common Benefits of live chat]

a] Many customers already have experience using chat.
b] Customers can save on long distant & expensive phone calls or fax thus more inclined to interact with you enabling more sales [satisfied customers]
c] One customer service representative can support many customers at the same time.
d] All conversation can be easily recorded and kept as a copy
e] Instill confidence
f] Eliminate the need of keeping expensive toll free customer care phone numbers.

12: Use of Animated Speaking character to close online sales: -

Now a days it is a new concept to have a speaking character, which will speak to your customers. There are lots of benefits given below. Although this feature can’t be used on every site, it definitely does promote your site.

The benefits could be:
a] Increase in sales of conversions.
b] Use of this innovative concept increases traffic, amuses your visitors, prompts your visitor to take desired action.
c] To make sure your message reaches your visitors both by audio & video.
d] You can use this technology to create virtual sales persons, support personnel’s and much more.