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Website Design

10 Questions to ask before purchasing web design services:

1) How many years experience does the firm has?

2) Which are the different solutions they have provided so far?

3) Are they responsive & courteous enough? Just send email or fill their enquiry form and see what happens?

4) How is their working methodology? Do they have proper systems?

5) How is the website of designer? Is it well laid? Do you understand the message?

6) How many employees they have or is it only designer working for all jobs?

7) Can they give references?

8) Other than regular skills required which are the other skills do they offer [for e.g. copy writing, search engine optimizations, programming]

9) How is the after sales support? Do they help clients after the sales?

10) Do they believe to give atleast primary level training?

11) Do they offer free articles, e-books for your benefits?

12) Cost after all?

How to decide on web-design services?
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Why do websites succeed or fail?
Why it is important to choose your website designer carefully? The steps to take “Get a free e-book” 10 Questions to ask your website designer company Need help from us?
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Why do some websites succeed while other 96.2% fail?

This is a most important question and only few know the answer. I will tell you exactly why it happens. It is because lack of purpose of website and lack of knowledge of web-design company to educate customer in this area. Mostly web-designer companies make Flash sites which is ignored by or can’t understand by Search Engines, thus no traffic is sent to your website and the concepts fails.

Hence it is very important to choose your website designer who knows not only how to design website which is Search Engine friendly but also how to make it functional and result oriented besides visually appealing.

This leads us to the topic, how to choose your website / web-designer?

I have written 10 questions that you should ask your prospective web-designer before hiring him.

As such web-design is completely systematic process in which many things are covered, although people fell it is only design that matters. No sir, complete website design decision consists of many of following points: -

a) What is the purpose of site?
b) What the site is supposed to do?
c) Which server will be used, whether it will be Linux or Windows?
d) What sort of special programming is needed?
e) How your site will be laid down and divided into sub-sections?
f) How to use the design which should be Search Engine friendly, yet appealing to human surfers? Who is your target audience?
g) Which navigational tools will be used in site for easy finding of information?
h) Whether & how cascading style sheets will be incorporated to quickly update website in future.

I have written special page on it so don’t forget to visit<!…. Put page details>

Now about 10 questions to ask before you choose your designer.


1) How to promote your business by using our services?
2) How to make your website a continuous money making machine?
3) How to open branch offices around the world and conduct business anytime anywhere?
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How do we proceed: -

After analysis of business we create an action plan which will include following – [selected or total points]

a) Creating web-business plan.
b) Creating, designing or redesigning website.
c) Preparation of web-pages with keyword rich content and optimize them for Search Engine with wicking.
d) Registration with search engines, special directories and hubs.
e) Creating no. of articles which will be posted in newsgroups, articles directories.
f) Post a press release on Internet & offline medium.
g) Start Google adwords and Yahoo! Search advertising. Email marketing through optimization in email lists or purchased lists through reputable email list brokers.
h) Create a forum, Autoresponders with important information.
i) Start submitting profiles in B2B portals and start posting sell enquiries with profiles.
j) Take membership at select portals.
k) Start regularly posting [Help but no advertisements] in select industry standard forums and email discussion list.
l) Start advertising on industry sites portals, newsletters [text advt.